Why Piracy Will Become More Prevalent

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by BreadMaster, May 2, 2010.

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    May 2, 2010
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    Woot we get mentioned there!
    So does Shoptemp! [​IMG]

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    Viral advertising FTW

    On-topic: still reading the damn article

    EDIT: Finished the article, mostly it's just saying that piracy isn't stealing and how easy it is thanks to Shoptemp and sites like GBATEMP
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    Mar 14, 2010
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    i've read many articles like this before,
    but i like the part about how people who pirate certain files probably wouldn't have bought it if there was no piracy .

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    also, LOL at certain "pirate bay"
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    i can definitely see things such as cloud based gaming (specifically onlive) reducing piracy as far as video games go. thats not to say everything will be cloud based in the future, but i can definitely see a shift in that direction given the success of digital distribution.
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    Yes, one downloaded copy does not equal a sale. It is far from that. Despite this, there's definitely people who effectively cost entertainment companies money by pirating where they otherwise would have bought. I know, because I was (maybe am) one of them. It's not stealing, but it's still undeniably wrong.

    I'm just saying, when you see people posting code you've written and debugged for hours on end up on file uploading websites then freely sharing the link for ego or whatever, you get a new perspective on things. [​IMG] It's a golden rule sort of thing. I've since started buying most of my games again, especially those from small or independent developers.
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    Hey guys this is off topic, but which loader is this?
    or is it a theme? If so for which usb loader?
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    Article goes on at great length as to why piracy is not theft. It does not mention copyright infringement, a much more serious (damages-wise) and easier to prove civil infringement, not a crime.

    Decent article but reads like it was written by a 'temper. No offense here - it's better than I might expect from Totokekebukakke
  8. W.I.C.K.E.D.

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    Feb 12, 2009
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    I think another factor is the large amount of shit games that get released. If you go spend 60 bucks on something that might look cool in videos or reviews but sucks more ass than a dog with peanut butter in his poop hole, it's a complete turn off for spending your hard earned cash. I've had shoe boxes full of newer games, took them to gamestop and got damn near nothing for them. It hurts, and makes you realize all the money you've spent (and lost) over the years. I lost faith in the game industry a long time ago. Maybe this is a time when the industry (all of them for that matter) should think about making quality stuff that keeps people happy instead of being more concerned with their profit margin for the year. I understand business is business, and you have to make money to survive. If you get greedy though, it eventually bites you in the ass because karma is a bitch.

    Edit: deleted...it was off topic...lol
  9. Costello

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    I completely disagree with this point of view and the future shall prove me right [​IMG] the present already serves my point:
    basically it's going to be harder and harder to play illegally downloaded games on newer consoles, due to new digital protections such as DRMs, system hypervising, and other techniques like cloud computing (Assassin's creed 2 already does that, though it's been hacked already iirc)
    The PS3 for example, well you can't play illegally downloaded games on it at the moment. The console has been out for years! The blogger does not mention the word "sony" or "playstation" anywhere in his article...
    The next generation of 360 (slim maybe?) will probably enhance protection mechanisms although it's already hard to play pirated stuff on the new models.

    Nintendo didn't pay much attention to protection mechanisms in their Wii and DS (but what of DSi ware?), probably because these consoles weren't powerful enough to integrate such mechanisms.
    I think its very likely that the next generation of consoles and handheld will completely get rid of piracy.
  10. dinofan01

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    Jul 4, 2008
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    i agree completely. I wouldn't be surprised if the 3ds isnt as big of jump as people expect just because Nintendo wants to block piracy. There really serious about piracy now. Its saddens me to think I'll have to buy my ds games in the future. [​IMG]
  11. macgeek417

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    Nov 10, 2009
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    You will never completely get rid of piracy.
  12. W.I.C.K.E.D.

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    Feb 12, 2009
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    Confirmed fake on many, many sites.
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    Well, alright then. So basically, he's saying that the rate of piracy is proportional to how easy it is to pirate.

    I could've told you that!
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    Agreed. [​IMG] I don't want to spend my non-existing cash on games. So give or take 2 games a year. [​IMG]

    @macgeek417 We all know that but they can make it harder and stop it for years. [​IMG] I don't think they are really cracking down piracy on other fronts besides gaming really.
  16. Schizoanalysis

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    Jun 23, 2009

    As do I... I care for my profit margin and stopped buying games when the bottom fell out of 2nd hand game sales...

    I remember the day when 2nd hand Saturn games on Ebay sold for more money than they cost new... these days a second hand game sells for a small fraction of the price...

    It is a vicious circle... piracy has killed 2nd hand game sales, and low 2nd hand game prices mean that one must turn to piracy if one does not want to throw money down the toilet...
  17. Maikel Steneker

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    Don't underestimate Nintendo. The DS is secured with RSA for example. That particular type still hasn't been hacked, so despite of the DS's power it can actually incorporate pretty secure features.

    With the GBA, you could just make a cartridge that instantly worked on the system. It had no protection at all. With the DS, that's different. Like with many consoles, a few security holes broke the entire system open. Without the bug that allowed PassMe/WifiMe to work, the system wouldn't have been hacked for years.
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    It's Coverflow7 Loader. An old loader that existed a while back, but now it's no longer in development.
    You can imitate the design with WiiFlow though
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    Sep 12, 2009
    yay for us!
    btw; i know plenty of people that if they couldnt pirate all the shitty wii games out there, they wouldnt get any... cos they are all shit... at least NIN is getting coverage... they have not bought a good game into the market for a long while (with only few exceptions).
    wtf this guy talking about... xbox hacking isnt that hard.
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    What Heran Bago said and aside from some gripes with the 360 side of things (no mention of JTAG, every few months, probes being a necessity) and steam (the implication that it prevents copying) my main problem would be the claim that books are not really copied...... there are several high profile newsgroups on the subject and more than a few forums dedicated to it especially if you step outside fiction and head into the more technical realms; those books can cost a fortune- from my main field the ASM Handbooks ( http://products.asminternational.org/hbk/index.jsp ) clock some 25 volumes and each clocks around 200 USD, while you will probably not need all of them there are four or five core books that overlap across the entire field) and you can give me any other area of science, engineering and possibly law (my experience says it is more little and frequent and similar examples will be coming your way. Aside from image heavy PDF files (even then they are not that large) you also have to consider that they are far better suited to more traditional methods of distribution.