Why is there no CFW above 3.55?

Discussion in 'PS3 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by KazoWAR, Jun 17, 2012.

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    OK, so after 3.55 is when Sony changed to keys right? Wouldn't the update have to have been encrypted with the old keys for 3.55 to even accept the update? Then doesn't that mean we have the ability to tamper with the update, edit the white list, get the new keys, etc? Or am I just not understanding it correctly?
  2. Nobunaga

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    Well you can update when you are at 3.55 but the keys will be overight with the new ones.
    Also if you update there is a high risk of getting banned blocking your access to psn.
    So i suggest you to not update and stay on 3.55 because the scene is still alive.
    I am reffering to the Cobra USB Dongle files which give you the access to play PS2 and PSX games on your PS3 Fat and Slim.

    Also about getting the keys is hard task that none of the devs will do because they think Sony will arrest them which is true.
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    I'm assuming there is a lot more to it than you are thinking. Apparently there are expliots for 4.11 but devs are keeping a sealed lip for now, might be over how apeshit Sony went with the lawsuits last time
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    no sony only would if you get caught so..... the idea would mean Not to do what G**H** did one get caught and two betray the scene and work for the enemy.
    also to put this another way if you hack xbox 360 or wii and you get banned thats it it ends there no law suit sony is not anymore special in the fact that they should sue you. big deal you hacked the ps3 you paid for it did you sign a statement when buying it saying i wont attempt to hack this and if i do sony can sue me and take it back cause i did something with a system i paid for.? I know i did not sign something like this. cause if they did have this no one would buy a ps3 or any sony product.
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    Because the PS3 scene is dead (no joke)
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    The PS3 scene is not dead, TrueBlue is keeping it alive and well.
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    its dead, all trueblue is doing is allowing people (well paying customers) to run games that require anything above 3.55, thats not doing anything for the scene
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    Oct 11, 2011
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    It's simple.

    Pirating games?
    Sure go ahead.
    No PSN access for you!

    PSN access?
    Sure go ahead.
    No pirating for you!

    You can only chose one.
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    That's the way it's always been for the Xbox. I'd imagine the PS3 would be the same. makes sense.
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    Look at the time gap between 5.00M33 and 5.50 Prometheus. I'm in no hurry since I have a PC, a Wii, and 60+ hour a week job I hate. I'm starting to forget what gaming is. :(

    Besides, what's the point since DLC is the name of the game. Why buy a game when you have to buy it multiple times. That's the sort of thing that encourages piracy. Speaking of which, FF13-2 was recently decryption and hacked. So, for now there is some hope. Just wait, there will be something. What the community needs now is for the elites to leave and stop doing stuff like "I did it first!" killing the mood. It's like having sex with a hot girl and her ex kicks down the door to loudly proclaim that he did her first. Really dude, get the heck out of my house.
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    the ps3 was designed using a beck and call method in which several algorithms r decrypted in a series which would eventually result in a key. once that key is sent back and verified by the system the game would be allowed to boot. that metldr was removed after 3.55, so obtaining the correct keys (which were changed in 3.60, 3.70, and 4.00 I believe) would require going deeper into the ps3's architecture. true blue does not use the keys of the system to verify the game signature. essentially, they have created a different security signature that bypasses the ps3's. thus, theoretically, every game should be playable with true blue. originally, the ps3 had no way to verify its own security system; as long as it said that a game, homebrew, app, etc was okay, it would boot regardless. this was changed after 3.55, which is y there is no cfw beyond that. however, several hackers have stated that the ps3 is not much more secure with newer firmware. however, because many of them r against piracy, they spend the majority of their ps3 hacking time toward allowing homebrew but not piracy. aside from certain keys, I'm not really sure how much has been changed between newer firmwares in terms of security. most hackers release very little information to avoid potential patches. that is what I understand about the system anyway.
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    Not quite.

    Piracy has been allowed with hacked DVD drives for years.
    And recently with the RGH, Hardware hacked consoles could boot to a "stock" state in which they could access Live using a clean stock NAND on a dual NAND setup, circumventing the glitchchip.
    jTAG's couldn't ever access Live indeed.

    However there are some people out there that have figured out a way to access Live on a jTAG hacked 360.

    Best of both worlds if you got a dual NAND setup (if you know what you're doing ofcourse)