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    First of all, apologies for creating the thread. I know these types of posts can be annoying, but I'm seriously lost.
    So,as per the recommendation of the user in the rxtools w/signatures patched out thread , I followed this guide:https://gbatemp.net/threads/guide-how-to-setup-emunand-without-a-flashcard.386262/
    I'm not sure what I should now be doing - I've read that I should've installed a cia launcher?
    Here's my current state:
    Sysnand backed up.
    Sysnand on 9.0.
    Emunand on latest sw.
    I also have a DSTWO,but no other exploitable games. What I was trying to do was get all of my cartridge games onto my microsd card so I could play them without having to swap them. Also, I wanted to import a couple of games, but couldn't due to the region locking.
    I'm pretty new to the 3ds scene,but not computer illiterate.
    Thanks in advance.
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