What Companies are good at milking a series?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Logan97, Jun 13, 2014.

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    What Companies are good at milking a series?

    I think Ubisoft is good with Assassin Creed when it comes to releasing a game each year.
  2. gabriel1073

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    Apr 9, 2012
    Nintendo: We're having Mario games for about 20 years already and they still have a lot of hype before each launch.

    EA Sports: New sports games every year, and they are sold like hot cakes.

    EDIT: And let's not forget Square Enix, with about 30 different Final Fantasy games, and most of them still sell good
  3. TyBlood13

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    The obvious one: Activision

    But every video games company is on the list one way or another. High contenders would include Capcom and Nintendo though
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    Nintendohs IP never gets old. Every freakin' time theirs a new Mario, Zelda, Kirby, etc. game announced, I get so hyped. It's like crack. hahaha.

    As for those COD, other FPS games, it gets boring and boring for me in my humble opinion. The last CoD game I got hooked into was the first Modern Warfare. haha.
  5. Clydefrosch

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    literally every company?

    but the ones doing sports games are probably among the best, since lately, they sell you pretty much the same game with a new number
  6. Guild McCommunist

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    Does it really matter if a game is good?

    I don't mind if I'm playing Uncharted 20: Drake Sword if it's still fun as fuck.
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  7. Cortador

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    Pretty much this.

    If a game is good, who cares if its the 10th iteration?
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    Jul 11, 2009
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    I forgot
    Man, Nin10doh is king at milking their franchises, I'd say worse than Ubisoft or EA or Activision are since they've been doing it for 20 or so years. Does that make them a terrible terrible company? Obviously not, we still have thousands of kids who fap over every Pokemon/Mario/Zelda game.

    If the games are fun, what's the point in crying over it?
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  9. TecXero

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    Apr 13, 2014
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    Pretty much every Triple A company. It's safer to make a game that's just an iteration on something that has already sold. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I love revisiting a familiar world for a new adventure if it's done right. The Zelda, Metroid, and Sonic series I always check out whenever a new one comes around. Of course I check out reviews from Giant Bomb and a few other places before I lay down my money.
  10. GamerzHell9137

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    Capcom with Super Street Figter IV Hyper Uber Super Extreme EX DLC on Disc Ultra Arcade 3D Edition.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    I'd say Craptivision is king of milking a series. I mean they milked Guitar Hero like mad and then chopped its head off the moment its sales dropped a %.
    Then the obvious Call of Duty.

    Anywho, Guildy has it right. If the games are good, who cares. Milk away. It's once the milk being produced is sour that we really need to...kill the cow, as it were. But it's not hard just to ignore the tired old series that seem to never die...like Street Fighter IV.
  12. Gahars

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    Aug 5, 2011
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  13. Ryukouki

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    Tecmo Koei and Dynasty Warriors. That shit is still a load of fucking fun though.
  14. Foxi4

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    I'm going to give the shameful title to Capcom, specifically for their Street Fighter series. They're fine in the milking department otherwise, but Street Fighter has so many iterations in each and every installement that it's not even funny. You know what would be great, Capcom? If instead of releasing "Mega Super Ultra Alpha Beta Gamma Street Fighter IV Championship Turbo New Challengers World Cup Tournament" you just released a patch, better yet, a new game. Street Fighter is the only "old" IP I can think of that does get frequent releases and is still at no.4 - c'mon.
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  15. Gaming4Ever

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    May 28, 2014
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    Crapcom is King :bow:
  16. Hop2089

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    Jan 31, 2008
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    Banpresto, Super Robot Taisen, I see at least 2 of them per year.

    Bandai-Namco and Gundam leads to milking constantly, with at least 2 Gundam titles are released each year, three were released in Japan this year and 1 will be released in the US which also falls into milking from Tecmo-Koei since the game is also a Dynasty Warriors game. Doesn't stop me from buying at least one of them each year, they tend to be fun on a Dynasty Warriors scale. They also milk Idolm@ster but not just the games (they just released SideM a few months ago and One For All last month), but also the original cast itself, they've milked the main cast into irrelevancy in everything but the mobile games.
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  18. Vipera

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    Splinter Cell. Absolutely. I consider "milking" when a serie has been used so much and so bad it lost its own meaning. And Call of Juarez too (removing the western genre on a western game, good job!).
  19. Taleweaver

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    Dec 23, 2009
    So I went to a farming convention and asked some farmers how they treat their chickens with golden eggs. This is their reply:

    Farmer nintendo: give it proper food that will keep it healthy yet produce as many eggs as possible. Sell it at a price that won't flood marketing.
    Farmer EA: we make people think we have such a chicken, but we don't. We just made one egg, clone it and give it some polish to cover it up.
    Farmer activision: it will probably run out of those things anyway, so we just slaughter it and get those eggs early. Then sell everything at once.
    Farmer capcom: we make people think they buy an egg from us, but we secretly hollowed it out so we can sell them the missing pieces later.
    Farmer square enix: well...our chicken is actually dead. But rather than admit it, we sell the eggs we still have while gradiently adding plaster to the mix. Our goal is to hope to sell plaster eggs without anyone noticing it.
  20. Gahars

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    Well, if we're using analogies...

    Nintendo is a dairy farmer with a pretty healthy selection of cows. It has a whole lot of them, all grazing about. However, they only seem willing to focus on the same ones, and while the milk they produce is still decent-to-good (on most days), you can't help but think their output could be a little fresher if they just gave these cows a rest and gave the others more of a chance.

    Dairy Farmer Sony has a lot of cows in all shapes and sizes, so there's a nice variety of milk. However, every now and then some just poop themselves out and die. They also have a habit of taking some of their frozen milking and pushing it on the market.

    Dairy Farmer Microsoft only has a couple of cows on hand and milks them for all they are worth; luckily for them, the Patrician Commune next door occasionally decides to share.