What are your experiences with smart upscaling?

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I've tried smart upscaling screenshots from videos before. It worked well on anime. No noticeable improvement on SD videos of real life footage.

Lately I've been trying to find 1080p Naruto Shippuden and have concluded that it probably doesn't exist. Smart upscaling, while not perfect, is pretty good.

Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere seem to be the two most popular options available to end users. I used Topaz Gigapixel.

It used to be possible to download a free trial then reformat your PC or edit the registry to get another free trial. These days you often need to sign up your credit cart and email to get a free trial. Installing the software on a virtual machine, making a backup, then reverting to the backup after a month might work; some software refuses to be installed to virtual machines. Maybe fucking around with your PC's clock works.

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I've never tried or heard of smart upscaling, but the way you word it makes me think one needs to re-render a video to apply the filter and for watching shows, that just sounds like way too much of a hassle to me.
Smart upscaling uses AI to upscale images without loss of quality. In practice it sometimes works.

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I am not sure what smart upscaling counts as for this. I usually find if smart is stuck before something at best it is a marketing word, and at worst it is anything but smart. If it is being offered in a piece of embedded hardware in anything like real time I would be super suspicious of it.

If you mean the more content aware fills, or time aware scaling algorithms that look at frames before and after to get clues, as opposed to the classic nearest neighbour, bilinear, lanczos... approach, then I have had good experiences. They absolutely nail your hardware, and how useful they are for high res footage varies with what you are doing, not to mention that, as ever, the source you feed it also matters.
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