Weird brick here!

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    This is how it happened:

    It all starts when I wanted to test Star Updater since lumaupdater doesn't updated much. When installing SU(it will be StarUpdater from now on), after setting it up, I tried updating Luma3DS. It appears to update well. I turn on 3DS, and it turn on like normal, then I shut it off. Trying loading DSiWare, it worked. When trying to load Arm9 payloads, it worked too. But when the last one rebooted, I then loaded the Nand, but then it just blackscreen. The weirdest thing is that the payloads and the Luma3DS payload are working perfectly(which means it is not a low-level brick).

    BTW My 3DS is a NEW one with(as you might expect)A9LH with Bootanim9, Luma3DS, and the payloads(Decrypt9WIP and SafeA9LHInstaller).

    EDIT:Believe it or not, somehow turning on and off "Show current NAND in System Settings" fixed my "brick". How? I just don't know...
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    Revert back to your previous arm9loaderhax.bin file?