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Jul 15, 2009
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United States
So, if anyone here had seen my website, http://sicklycraft.com in the past, you'd recognize that it's an entirely different site now.

I'm running it on an Acquia distribution of Drupal, which has proven amazingly helpful in setting up a fully functioning website in a short amount of time. I still have a LOT of tweaking and configuration and content/functionality addition to do to it, but the biggest thing I am wondering about is the forum. The included Drupal Forum module isn't very feature packed (you can't even PM with it). I'd like to use something that's very fleshed out, like phpBB, but my main two concerns are how difficult it is to set up and how difficult it would be to get it themed to the rest of my site (or if there is a way to hook it in to the site as it is now).

I know very little about HTML, CSS, and PHP, so while any help is greatly appreciated, just understand I'm not gonna get it the first time and will need a little help and explanations if you go in-depth with anything. Also, suggestions are always welcome for my site :D

Thanks guys!
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