WBFS vs FAT32 HDD Adding Games Help?

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by BurningRage, Sep 6, 2010.

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    So i was using a WBFS partition on my external HDD with WBFS manager as my main tool to add games. All the games would work fine...for a while. Then slowly one after another problems would arise with games that worked perfectly before as i added more games from wbfs manager. the New super mario bros would freeze going down the tunnel for the 2nd lvl, which worked fine previously, brawl stopped loading, wario ware froze during a certain sketch game, mario kart could not load cars/map previews/races at all. This all happened after adding lego star wars and madden and other m (which i get the damn baby's cry freeze even after updating cios 249 to rev 20 [​IMG] ). Anyway, i figure wbfs manager messes up cramming data and what not when adding a new folder cause this isn't the first time ive had this problem with it, so now im making the switch to a fat32. But i have no idea how to add games to a fat 32, is it as simple as creating a folder and sticking the iso in there? Do i need a specific manager? Also, can i add the rar or do i have to eat up space with iso's only? Any help people can provide for any/all these problems would be helpful [​IMG]
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    Convert all your isos to .wbfs files, and then stick them on the hard drive. For dual layer games, you will have two separate files, as fat32 can't handle any files larger than 4gb. Don't worry, it doesnt affect performance at all.

    EDIT - I'm pretty sure WBFS Manager has the capability to do it by default.
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    There's a FAT FAQ in here: Configurable USB Loader
    One of the questions is:

    Q: Are there any GUI wbfs managers that support .iso/.wbfs files on a FAT/NTFS partition?
    A: Yes:
    by pccfatman: Wii Game Manager - A GUI for wbfs_file.exe
    by fig2k4: Wii Backup Manager

    But I recommend reading it all.