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    I have N3DS with 10.3 sysnand (with no emunand, LOL) with HB access (ninjhax, browserhax, menuhax, IronHax,OOTHax just to have extra proof vs nintendo)

    I want to have a CFW, sysnand or emunand, that will run binding of isaac (N3DS exclusive) and smilebasic CIA versions. both of them are distributed as non-clean CIA's, so yeah...

    Is there any way to {downgrade and install sysCFW/downgrade and install emunand/ install directly sysCFW w/o downgrade}, with 100% success rate, w/o hardmode? assuming that I'll do everything right, of course. I mean, some "just plug it to charge and click 'A' and wait..."

    BTW I dont care about menuhax, badges or other things. but i'd be happy to keep those.
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    Dec 6, 2014
    You need to downgrade your firmware to 9.2, then I'd recommend rxTools. There IS a risk of bricking, but if you do shit right and verify md5 hashes you should be good.

    I used this for downgrading my N3DSXL and O3DS and both downgraded perfectly.
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