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    1. Picklenut
      Hi Asdolo. I'm actually having trouble with this Ultimate Web Forwarder. After making the forwarder, this error shows up and it ended up not making the .cia file. Can you please help me out? Thanks and have a good day.
    2. erimatai
      Hi Asdolo. I'm having issues with Ultimate SNES VC Injector for 3DS, I didn't have luck with Donkey Kong Country or Super Mario All Stars + World. In the first I got crackling sound and the second, well, black screen (at least, I can reboot using Luma3DS). My question is, is there a posibility to use my legit SNES VC purchased from the eShop as a base to inject any ROM?. Thanks in advance and hope you're well.
    3. SwitchGlitch
      Happy Bday Asdolo And Tnx for all the work you do
    4. DarthVitrial
      Sorry to bother, is there a link where I can get the latest build of NSUI?
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      2. Francois
        Hi Asdolo sorry to bother on your message Darth, concerning the non working rom of guerilla war , contra force , jackal , silk worm , i did make them work in download play, 2 player ! the working rom are finishing with [p1] [b1], don't know if i can say where i found them so search google museo (U) [p1] rom ! ;) And thanks for all your great work !!
        Jan 20, 2019
      3. DarthVitrial
        Why are you replying to my comment instead of leaving a new comment?
        Jan 21, 2019
      4. Francois
        Sorry i am new and don't know how to post a new one ...!! Extremely sorry ;(
        Jan 29, 2019
    5. SwitchGlitch
      Hi Asdolo Can you make with some help maybe A port of NSUI for android ?? that would be awsome best regards Switch Glitch
    6. ReconX
      I have been looking all over the place for a tool like this one! You are amazing, keep up the great work! The install straight to 3DS feature is my favorite.

      If I were to request a fix though, I would see about adding an alignment tool for the Banner text instead of having the title fixed to the top, and the released date fixed to the bottom. Feel free to message me if you would like any input. :P
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    7. MushGuy
      Will a future beta of NSUI fix the compatibility issues with Super Mario Land 2 DX, now that it's in version 1.5?

      Edit: Never mind. Later versions fix the compatibility.
    8. FateForWindows
      Bubble2k16 made a new Picodrive emulator. Are you planning on adding this version to NSUI?
    9. daddu3
      Do you have a release for NSUI done yet?
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    10. Asia81
      Could I request a link (in private or here) for the latest version of new ultimate injector (the all-in-one) ?
      If I'm right, the latest version you released on reddit is not the latest.
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      3. Asdolo
        @SucioLegacy which firmware version is your 3DS? Which Luma3DS version?
        Feb 27, 2018
      4. SucioLegacy
        Hi, thx for replying, it's firm is the latest one 11.6.0 if I remember correctly and Luma is 8.1
        Mar 1, 2018
      5. SucioLegacy
        @Asdolo hope you can help me with this, since i'm going to install VC games on future 3DS's for my friends, TIA
        Mar 2, 2018
    11. Jimf14
      Hey, what's the difference between the "old" and "new" injections? Also, would you ever consider adding an enable linking support, as seen in the VC Pokemon games?
      1. Dionicio3
        The new injection IS the linking support
        Feb 13, 2018
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    12. CR_Avila
      Man your VC injectors and Forwarder creaters are amazing. Do you plan on doing VC Injector or retroarch forwarders for Virtual Voy? That'd be awesome
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      2. Asdolo
        Yeah I could look into it
        Jan 22, 2018
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      3. CR_Avila
        Thanks for replying.Let us know if you ever do so.
        Jan 24, 2018
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    13. E1ite007
      Your NSUI is amazing.
      All GBA injects I made so far work perfectly, even Pokémon Fire Red, SMA4: Super Mario Bros. 3 with the e-Reader levels and Pokémon Emerald.
      Thanks for making such a nice and flawless tool @Asdolo.
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    14. deathblade200
      glad to see you kept VC in NSUI just wish snes had a full screen option...and one curious thing I don't get that I found out while messing with volume booster (and it still happens without volume booster) why is it donkey kong country in the eshop works perfect while one made using your VC injector is slow and has bad audio? i assume the base game injected into effects the compatibility?
    15. Asdolo
      1. AyanamiRei0
        Woah that looks amazing.
        Dec 30, 2017
      2. B_E_P_I_S_M_A_N
        Excellent work.

        Out of curiosity, are you planning on adding support for systems like the CPS2 and Neo Geo?
        Dec 30, 2017
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    16. Asdolo
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      2. AyanamiRei0
        Oh snap coloured cart backings
        Dec 29, 2017
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      3. Asdolo
        Yeah, but unfortunately it just can be done with Game Boy banners, not Game Boy Color ones. I also added cart color injection into Famicom banners.
        Dec 29, 2017
      4. AyanamiRei0
        Interesting hmm coloured famicom carts that means I can finally make have proper injects of famcom games with the retail cart colours.
        Dec 29, 2017
    17. Asdolo
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      2. deathblade200
        or if you rather use snes as an example the audio just sounds Subpar in link to the past when using even snes9x but sounds amazing in the VC
        Dec 28, 2017
      3. MushGuy
        I hope it does better handling of GB to GBC conversions (see Super Mario Land 2 DX). Also, let us keep the VC options, please.
        Dec 28, 2017
      4. matt!
        Feb 11, 2018
    18. Asdolo
      Ok, I may release NSUI (still as beta) before 2018 because I'm leaving my country a few days for vacation. I'm just finishing some TO-DOs...
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      2. offandwrong
        Thanks for all your hard work. Are you still sending out the beta for people to test? I would love to give it a try, I can let you know how it works under Wine/Linux.
        Dec 29, 2017
    19. Asdolo
      Been busy with final exams lately. Now I can keep working on NSUI! :)
      1. RubiseL
        Dec 24, 2017
    20. RandomMan25XX
      if you're open to people testing that super ultimate inject I'd like to do so, I've created many injects with the separate tools and would love the idea of an all in one injector
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