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    Had an original Wii for a long time. Homebrewed it in 2009 or so. Been playing backup games off USB for a while and it's awesome.

    Got a Wii U recently and homebrewed it as well. Followed these guides:
    wiiu.hacks.guide (get-started)
    wiiu.hacks.guide (vwii-modding)

    Works well for the most part. I can play backup games from USB drive in regular Wii U mode. I'm fine with keeping two SD cards, and two USB drives depending on if I want to play vWii or Wii U.

    I have been using my Ubuntu PC to load original Wii games onto the WD 1TB hard drive using QWBFS Manager. Been working fine for the old Wii. I assume I should be able to just use that same hard drive with vWii on the Wii U. Same drive, same Y cable. However I'm running into trouble. USB Loader GX gets to the "initializing USB drive" step and then errors out. Depending on what ports I have it plugged into, I get a failure to initialize message, or a freeze. I've tried front ports and back ports, and have switched the two halves of the Y cable in each location.

    The White USB HD works with the white original Wii console. Should I be able to just plug it into the Black Wii U and play games off it? Or does it need any special prep? The wiiu.hacks.guide stuff is awesome but I don't see much detail on this. Would love some guidance here.

    Summary of what I have:

    White original Wii console
    Homebrew with USB Loader GX 3.0 r1262
    2GB Sandisk-brand SD Card
    White 1TB WD USB hard drive

    Black Wii U console
    Homebrew with USB Loader GX 3.0 r1262
    2GB PQI-brand SD Card for vWii duties
    32GB Sandisk-brand SD Card for WiiU duties
    Black 1TB WD USB hard drive for WiiU duties
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    front port will not work with USBLoaders.
    you need to install d2x v10 r52 (NOT r53. If you installed r53 replace it with r52). Best cIOS is "base57", I suggest installing base57 in slot249 and base56 in slot 250 (reverse of what most guides tell you to do) or edit the loader setting to use slot250 base57 by default.
    plug the data side of the ycable to USBPort0 (back-top) and additional power side to any other usb port.
    If you still have "hdd not init" issue, set Loader's IOS to 58 in USBGX loader's settings.

    you can update to 1268 (in my signature, or sourceforge official site) or 1268mod4 (in my signature only) which contains few fixes.

    No need to swap your devices every times on WiiU.
    You can use the same SD card for both WiiU and vWii.
    you can plug both WiiU HDD and vWii HDD at the same time.

    You can of course keep using 2 SD and 2 HDD if you want to keep your Wii and WiiU/vWii separated and not plug the same hdd to both consoles.
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    Oct 10, 2018
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    Thank you sir! I modified the xml config for the loader app on the sd card to use the other IOS and it works now. Super excited!