VWii ISI (not DSI) error occurred while hdd is plugged

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  1. Cecilmax

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    Mar 7, 2015
    hello guys, I notice two errors when my external hdd is plugged. 1. I got that crash when I try to launch snes9x gx with channel forwarder, when I click start it crash. No problem if the hdd is unplugged. If I run snes9x gx trought homebrew channel, no crash while hdd is plugged.

    I have make sure I installed a vwii version of forwarder. Anyway it work when the hdd is plugged :)

    2. I also notice wiiApple crash when I launch it while hdd is plugged.

    Everything is fine but that. I can run games on hdd with usb loader without crash etc.

    Any ideas ? :)
  2. DarkJediRey

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    Jan 18, 2016
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    i would try another forwarder. i think the one i used was from the vWii guide.
    i had the same problem with GenPlusGX, it only worked through the homebrew channel.
    i attached the forwarder that worked for me.

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