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  1. celcodioc

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    Nov 13, 2011

    Compatible with PSM 0.99
    Cracked version, no PSM required (1.9, latest):

    In accordance with the license agreement of the PlayStation Mobile SDK, no PSM .DLL files are included within this project.
    The applications will load them automatically if the SDK is installed.
    However, in order to build the source code, you will need to include them manually.


    • Upload, install, uninstall, launch, view application debug output, pack a folder into a PSM package with a few simple clicks.
    • Command-line + GUI
    • Automatic device detection
    • ...bad programming? :P


    v1.9 (16 July 2012)
    • Last release to include the command-line version of VitaCOM
    • Security improvements
    • VitaCOM: Fixed "help []" not working
    • VitaCOMgui: Fixed exit on pack
    • VitaCOMgui: Added the "weird" install button
    • VitaCOMgui: Better performance

    v1.8 (14 July 2012)
    • Ported to PSM 0.99
    • Now split into a launcher, and an (automatically created) actual application (sorry, that was the most simple workaround to some issues introduced in SDK 0.99)
    • VitaCOMgui: New (ugly) interface
    • VitaCOMgui: Added random text (used for news and other stuff)
    • A few other minor changes and bug fixes

    v1.7 (30 June 2012)
    • Improved stability
    • VitaCOMgui: Added update checking
    • VitaCOMgui: You can now press enter in text boxes to perform the action
    • VitaCOMgui: A few other minor changes

    v1.6 (22 June 2012)
    • VitaCOM: Fixed application output not showing (for real)
    • VitaCOMgui: Added a completely unnecessary "operation in progress" form
    • VitaCOMgui: Fixed double newlines in app output
    • VitaCOMgui: Improved stability
    • VitaCOMgui: A few other minor changes

    v1.5 (17 June 2012)
    • Fixed application output not showing
    • VitaCOMgui: Update device list on device plugged/unplugged
    • VitaCOMgui: Improved stability
    • VitaCOMgui: Much smaller .exe file
    • VitaCOMgui: Fixed tab indexes
    • VitaCOMgui: A few other minor changes

    v1.4 (13 June 2012)
    • Fixed crashes/DLLs not properly loading
    • Fixed typos
    • VitaCOMgui: Fixed maximize on double click menu bar

    v1.3 (9 June 2012)
    • Now loads the DLLs instead of copying them to the executing directory
    • Added experimental PSS application output display
    • Fixed typos

    v1.2 (4 June 2012)
    • VitaCOM: Supports double quote arguments
    • VitaCOMgui: Improved performance

    v1.1 (1 June 2012)
    • First public release

    v1.0 (28 May 2012)
    • Development resumed!
    • First private release

    v0.2 (24 April 2012)
    • Development paused...

    v0.1 (22 April 2012)
    • Development started!

  2. Anus Leech

    Anus Leech Newbie

    Jun 22, 2012
    United States
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