VGMTrans won't work with Super Princess Peach?

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    I'm trying to extract MIDI's from SPP on DS with VGMtrans but it's so stubborn and won't work! It literally just leaves a blank and nothing happens in the program. Yet every other game I've tried works just fine.

    Why is this so, and is there a fix? I really need those midis. :(

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
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    I do not have the best 2sf archives but for the age of the game I am surprised it is not one of them. I have not looked up anything about this game as I type this so a complete solution could be but a search away.

    VGMtrans is an invaluable tool in DS sound hacking but it has not been the standard for a while. You could try the newer versions of it but most will instead have gone in for the 2sf format, though even 2sf is possibly shifting ( ).

    2sf is typically ripped with VGMtoolbox (plus snakemeat and caitsith2's various additions to the kit) and played back using something like vio2sf.

    Anyhow any game that does not rip or otherwise behaves differently I am interested in seeing ( ).
    Tearing into the game there does seem to be a lack of anything named sdat but a 6 meg file called sounddata.bin found in a directory called soundata is too obvious to pass up.
    It starts with SDFDAT which I have never seen, it is quite an early and Nintendo based game to be having a custom sound format but ROM is very much not wishing you had something and playing to what you find. No other useful things appeared from a strings search, same for a basic midi header search.

    Searching for SDF and limiting it to sound brings up a few things, as SDF is a pretty obvious extension (sound data/description/definition/detail/any other number of similar words beginning with d format/file) I did not expect much. Starting with I had a quick look, unfortunately it wanted java and I have not got a throwaway VM at this moment in time to install it on.

    Looking at the file itself after the header there is a section with what looks like locations and file sizes (certainly adding the existing number to the following number brings you the next on the list as it were), it varies towards the end and seems to gain a needless run of 00000000.
    Anyway going to those addresses seems to have the "files" starting with their lengths again.
    The whole file compresses a bit and a basic zip knocks a shade under a meg and half off the file size, if they were all wave files of various forms then I would have expected barely anything (give or take padding inside the file), if they were all. This combined with the fact that most of the "files" seem to be similarly sized leads me to think the sub files are largely self contained, however there are three "small" entries with lengths of


    Everything else looks like 0004????, it could be that they are short tracks (short boss/loading/video themes or something) and it is not like they are not a respectable file size either.

    Pulling one of the files out and looking at that makes it look like they are archive formats too (a good and common practice for DS files and systems like the DS). A similar story with the compression (some but not a radical drop).
    As I do not value my ears I thought I would have a go at raw importing... I actually got somewhere with straight PCM imports which is nice as it spared my ears for a few seconds in there. However what I heard could only be described as an instrument table (similar instruments rising in pitch, some drums perhaps and a few more things besides) in parts though there were some voices as well in others.

    Sounds like you have a very custom sound format on your hands, if you have a java capable machine you might want to try that SDF tool but I am not expecting much. I did not expect to find one in an early Nintendo fielded game though as it is TOSE developed and some of their other games have seen odd things happen I can believe it.
    You are now probably down to either reverse engineering the format (it looks like it stays close to hardware, certainly if I can snatch audio the way I did I will call it that way) which is a serious gig, or if you just want a rip you can probably get something going on with an emulator and dropping channels.