Using Windows 7 or Vista Drivers in XP

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    So I have this laptop.

    It came with Windows 7.

    I cannot run some software that I *need* to run on anything newer than XP, so I set up a dual-boot. I cannot find all the drivers for XP. I would virtualize, but it also requires full access to real hardware (particularly for complex networking).

    (for any of you doing FIRST Robotics, LabView hates certain AMD systems with 64-Bit OS, so it requires a 32-Bit OS and XP is its favorite)

    I lack the Graphics, Networking (Wired), and Sound drivers. I can get the Vista/7 drivers from Toshiba's website, but it is not available for XP. I don't need the Catalyst Control Center or anything, but I do need a decent graphics driver that can do some things decently well.

    It is a Toshiba Satellite L675D-S7052

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I don't believe you can get Vista/7 drivers working on XP due to the difference in NT version (Vista was NT 4.0 IIRC, 7 was 4.1 6.0, 7 is 6.1). For graphics it's easy - get them from the AMD website (if you've got AMD/ATI graphics). They may automatically pack CCC with it, but you can disable CCC if you don't want it.

    Networking depends on the ethernet controller. Look up the make/model, then look up the website. Sound is sometimes the trickiest to get working, but the chipset drivers should have them (use CPU-Z to find the chipset for your motherboard, then go to the website).

    EDIT: Corrected. I did not recall correctly.
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    Last time I checked Windows 7 didn't come out in 1996 :lol: Vista is 6.0 and 7 is 6.1.
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    XP is 5.1, Vista is 6.0, 7 is 6.1.

    AMD website says something to the effect of "we're too lazy to support your drivers, check your computer manufacturer" for laptop video cards (at least this series).

    Found the ethernet one, just had to get it straight from Realtek.

    Toshiba doesn't have any drivers officially available for XP and I can't seem to find anything for the chipset for XP. Only Vista/7. I can't seem to find the sound driver anywhere separately either. Windows Update found nothing.

    I found an old beta CCC driver pack for this series of card, I'm DLing now. It is supposed to support this card and XP. Hopefully it works!
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    Originality's right that a lot of the underside changed for NT6 so many drivers CANNOT work... those for highly-changed systems like graphics.

    However some will work just fine if you can bypass the OS test the installer does... try extracting the files from the .exe with 7-zip?
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    You can't. Vista and 7 have the same kernel, XP does not.