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    Feb 26, 2015
    Hi hope someone can point me in the right direction. I use USB Loader GX and HBC, I recently bought Just Dance 2014 backed it up to the HDD but it will not play, I tried to play from disc but the Wii wants me to update from my current version (4.1e) to the latest. When I first started to use USB Loader I was told not to update the Wii. What do I need to do here how do I update the loader and should this be done before updating the Wii.
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    First I think.., this will take me back a bit so please go easy on me but here we go! you need Waninkoko's 4.3E update, then you can forget about the update prompt from the wii, second you need to use wii back up manager and set your HDD up with it to wbfs format I think? or just format your HDD with backup Manager, it will do it all for you and also only use the bottom slot on the back of the wii, if it is sitting on its left hand side with the front facing you, its the bottom one at the back of the unit. Its all here how to set up
    Installing Waninkoko's IOS249 for use with USB Loader

    Edit: I presume you already have the homebrew channel and wad manager 1.7 set up on your wii? because without that I will pass it on to someone else that's in the know how these days cause I have just forgot those days completely its been so long since I have done that, setting up THC on my wii :(

    Wii Backup Manager:-
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    Feb 26, 2015
    Thanks Reecey not sure if I am missing something here I am using a HDD already I used WFBS manager 3.0 to do this. The loader link you supplied suggests that IOS249 is no longer used (as in my current USB Loader GX) and points you to d2x IOS for use with USB Loader, I am a bit confused do I need to remove my current loader and use another or can it just be updated.
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    forget everything he explained.
    That's old, and dangerous.

    - if you are on Windows, you can update to 4.3 by using modmii (don't use waninkoko's updater!), select "I want to softmod" and follow the directions and questions to generate a guide to update your wii. But it's NOT NEEDED!
    - you don't really need to format drives to WBFS format, it's not required anymore and is even deprecated. Now FAT32 is recommended.
    - WBFS manager 3.0 has bad habit to corrupt already present games on your HDD without you knowing it. they can still launch and play fine, until the game try to access corrupted files.
    - Use WiiBackupManager instead. (again, if you are on windows).
    - Waninkoko IOS249 ... doesn't mean anything ! IOS249 is a slot location where you can install things into it. Not mentioning what's installed inside is not useful.

    What you need to install is not one of the waninkoko IOS (which are old), but a d2x IOS.
    in the slot 249, you need to install d2x version 8, based on official IOS 56.

    - You can launch discs without updating to 4.3 !
    - You can either use an USBLoader (USBLoaderGX let you launch game discs, click on the disc icon at the top right)
    - if it still doesn't work, you can bypass the update prompt by using another launcher (WiiLauncher, or GeckoOS for example)
    - There is also another option (even if I don't like it myself, a lot of users are doing it) : install Priiloader and enable "don't warn for update from disc".

    Don't do anything if you don't understand what you have to do!
    Please, ask first and we will explain step by step.

    If everything is already working fine, don't change anything.
    If your issue is only with this particular game, just use GeckoOS or WiiLauncher, and that's all :)
    No modification required to your current setup.