USB Loader GX and Configurable USB Loader both will not recognize my USB Flash Drive

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    Apr 26, 2019
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    I have recently started softmodding my Wii U, and I am not the absolute best at it. I have installed USB Loader GX before, and it did not work. I then gave up, and switched to Configurable USB Loader (CFG) and that worked fine. At the time, I only had one game on my USB flash drive, so I attempted to get more. In the process, I accidentally formatted my USB flash drive, and the data was lost. I used Wii Backup manager to transfer the games onto my USB flash drive, but CFG still wouldn't recognize my USB flash drive. I installed certain cIOS and did the Dump Mii Nand. CFG would finally recognize my USB flash drive, but when I opened my games. (all of them) CFG went to a black screen, and I had to unplug my Wii U for the console to turn off. I deleted some extra folders I found on my USB flash drive (one said 'saves' and had nothing in it. There were also config.txts in there) and plugged it back into my Wii U. Now, when I go into CFG or USB loader GX, it says "Mounting" and goes on for 89 seconds until restarting. Does anyone have any advice?