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    Well a few weeks back my hdd for some reason stopped working it is a eagle consus btw Im not sure how it did though it probaly overheated or fell,the point is that now Im planning on getting a new enclosure for my maxtor 250 gb it is 3.5 and an ATA.
    I have a few questions though.

    1.Changing enclosures does it require formatting?(I have a wbfs with games in it)
    2.Can anybody point to a guide to enclosure changing?
    3.It would be appreciated if someone could also point me to a 3.5 ATA usb powered enclosure since if I forget to turn it off it might get really hot.

    And thanks

    P.S My disk drive's scanner thing is broken so it can recognize the disk but it cant read it,so I nead my hdd fixed if I want to enjoy my wii emulaters and games.I also have my roms in the hdd.
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    1. nope
    2. its just a few screws, isnt hard at all even on your first try.
    3. i never seen a 3.5 hdd powered by usb only, i thought that was for 2.5" hdd's only.