Usb backup loaders on Wii U

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    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was a step by step guide on how ot use USB loader gx on your wii u, I am aware that certain CIOS are needed, but I was under the impression that these could brick the vWii.

    Thanks for the help!
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    USBLoaderGX is used the same way on Wii and vWii.
    The only differences on vWii are :

    - You can't install different cIOS version (only d2x v10 and v10-alt are available, no Hermes or old cIOSes). If you follow vWii softmod guide you will have the correct cIOSes.
    - You need HDD with external power sources, or use an USB Y-cable to power the drive using both USB ports. (some drives require more power than the WiiU can provide on a single USB port. Some drives works, just try.)

    If you want a tutorial to hack/Softmod your vWii, you can look at the two stikied topics in this forum's section.
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    I would just get a Y-cable anyways. Some drives do work without it but they may not be getting the full power they need and will start to fail over time, as I found out.
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