Upgrading from ReiNand to Luma. Would Just Like Some Clarification.

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    To whomever it may concern,

    I installed ReiNand on my N3DS XL back in February 2016, and separated my sysNand (firmware 9.2) and emuNand. I was able to upgrade reiNand's firmware to 11.2.0 on my N3DS XL, but I googled if I could simply update to 11.3/11.4 and I found threads all detailing that I should ditch reiNand and upgrade to Luma. I have never switched CFWs before so I just would like to make sure I do not mess up my N3DS XL.

    So, I read several threads that say all I need to do is download Luma, and replace my reiNand folders. However, I installed Luma3DS v8.0 right now, and all I see in the zip file is: /boot.firm and /exception_dump_parser.py. Where would I place these in my sd card (like which directory?).

    (I am certain that this is a very Noob Question): I have been using menuhax to boot into reiNand, from my understanding Luma3DS will not require menuhax. So do I need to take any steps prior to replacing reiNand to assure that menuhax doesn't allow Luma to load?

    (Would just like to assure this statement is true): Also, I use FBI to install .cia files. And from my understanding, installing Luma should not corrupt or ruin any of my saves/games I have installed because the games are tied to my emuNand and not the CFW.

    Please let me know if you need any more information. I have researched this for a few days, and I just really want to make sure I do not mess up my homebrew/3DS.
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    Luma 8.0 does not support any other entrypoint other than boot9strap. To install boot9strap and Luma 8.0, follow http://3ds.guide. All instructions from that guide are to be used from your 3DS's sysNAND. You will have the option to merge your emuNAND with your sysNAND at a later point in the guide. The last version of Luma that doesn't support boot9strap and supports menuhax is v7.0.5. Be warned that Luma 8.0 is very buggy, but they are trying to work out the bugs.