Updating homebrewed Wii (4.1U to 4.3U)

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    Hello, I am getting a Wii U soon and would like to transfer some of my Wii content to my Wii U. However, I realized that I would need to get the transfer tool from the shop channel, which means an update. Just an FYI, my Wii was downgraded from 4.3 to 4.1 because a good amount of homebrew wasn't available on 4.3 yet (this was 2010) when I got homebrew on my Wii. What would happen if I updated? Would my Wii get bricked? I have no modified IOSes AFAIK. I have HBC, an HBC channel forwarder, some emulator channel forwarders, and Priiloader. By the way, I'm just coming back to homebrewing, so I don't remember many things about it.
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    You don't need a full update just the latest shop channel WAD and the IOS that goes with it.
    A full update will stub and remove cIOS if you have any as well as stub unused shop channel/system menu IOSes. If your HBC is outdated it might also be removed but they changed the title ID so the newer versions won't get removed from an update. It won't brick your Wii.
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    if you want to do a full update, use ModMii to grab it and install it via a wad manager.

    I'd recommend to just stay at 4.1, no reason to mess with the system menu
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    thats not worth the trouble.wii online doesnt exist anymore,and not only that but all sys updates can be blocked with priiloader