Update Samsung GS2 to Android 4.0.3 Using Kies

Discussion in 'Android' started by iluvfupaburgers, May 31, 2012.

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    If you have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and live somewhere on America which doesn't yet allow you to update to ICS. Well, i found a way on how to do it.

    What do you need:
    • Samsung Kies
    • Rooted Samsung Galaxy S2
    • SpoofFW (can be found on Google Play)
    1. Open SpoofFW aplication. it will ask for Superuser permission, so just click on Grant premission.
    2. Complete Step 1 which is make a backup just in case something wrong happens
      Warning: Spoilers inside!
    3. Press the phone menu and choose "Update Presets" this action should take a few minutes so just wait until it updates
      Warning: Spoilers inside!
    4. Once updated, press the menu again and this time choose "Presets". A list of regions and carriers should pop up. Scroll down to Spain GT-I9100LKAFOP which is spain's unlocked preset
      Warning: Spoilers inside!
    5. with this we will make Kies think it is a phone from Spain
    6. After choosing the preset, we click on "Step 2"
      Warning: Spoilers inside!
    7. Your phone should reboot. After rebooting, open SpoofFW again and we select the same preset again
    8. Once that is done, scroll down to "Step 3" and click on it
      Warning: Spoilers inside!
    9. After that is done, simply connect your phone to your PC using Kies
    10. Update should appear, just follow all steps to update Android Firmware (update can vary depending on your internet connection)
    11. Once done you should have 4.0.3 installed
    12. enjoy your Samsung Galaxy S2 with ICS firmware!
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