Unpack textures from "unknown" files

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    Feb 2, 2008
    Hello ladies and gentlemen;

    I'm working on a translation project for Puyo Puyo Tetris for Wii U and I have found a few files that I suspect are compressed textures. Textures that require to be edited for the translation.

    The files extensions are:
    - .comp [UPDATED] Look's like these files are text, see the file in the HEX Editor:
    Comp FIle 02.PNG

    - .dsif [UNKNOWN]
    - .bm [UNKNOWN]

    Anyone is familiar with these and how to extract the files from them?

    Here you can download two examples of each extension.

    The game is multi-platform and I think that's why contains a lot of different compressions for the textures like; .gfx, .gtx, gxt, .ctpk... But not all the textures are found in those, that's why I think ".comp, .dsif and .bm" could contain textures too.

    Any help will be very appreciated, thanks in advance!

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