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  1. David Lepkowsky

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    Jan 11, 2014
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    My Pokemon Y save can't be deleted and it can't be saved over. If I try and save my game it appears as though it is saving, but it doesn't actually save and when I load up my game its the previous save that loads, not the one I saved. Also, I have tried to delete my game after backing up my pokemon on pokebank several times and start new, but when I delete it it doesn't actually get deleted and my save file still exists. I am at a complete loss about what to do. Also, I have tried restoring every backup I have of my game as well as tried to apply new codes, but nothing will overwrite my save. I can't restore and I can't add any codes. So I am stuck on what to do. If anyone has any ideas or anything for this unique and ridiculous problem it would be appreciated.

    (On a funny side note, When I backed up my pokemon onto pokebank, since my save file can't be overwritten it automatically cloned all my pokemon since my save didnt change.)
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