UK gamestations- 360 20 gig hard drives for a fiver.

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    I was in a town centre despite my desire not to be and so making the best of a bad situation and being like any good parasite I wandered by a gamestation and peered in intending to have a go at the probably soon to be corpse- 360 20 gig hard drives for a fiver each (I grabbed two and there at least there were at least six more) as well as a few other nicely priced hard drives. Sadly it was about the only good deal on hardware I saw in there (I was kind of hoping for a cheap nunchuck for a project) although you could do well on some games if you need to pad out a library. Now there might not be any in your local one but probably worth a look (memories of the time it was claimed there were £20 original xboxes out there- wanted some XBMC boxes).

    To this end I thought I would share with my fellow JTAG/glitch owners and sellers (I still see many come without a hard drive*) and I guess others as well. Given the usual gamestation clientèle and presumably the age of the them I would not be surprised if the amount of dead sectors are about to exceed the remapping ability not to mention MS did not pick the best hard drives for the 360 but given the other option is to wait several weeks for a suspect third party affair ( ) or pay that again for shipping at a decent clip the enclosure alone is worth the price of admittance.

    *I would probably say hard drive part is sold as seen or use the enclosure.
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    I'm definitely popping into local gamestation tomorrow.
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    went in to my local blockbuster a couple of weeks ago & got a 360,arcade edt for £39.00 so went back a week later
    and got another one,the guy said they have got absolute loads upstairs,they have also got loads that need to be repaired,they
    r £20,some bargains to be had @ mo me thinks :)