Hacking Twinstar NDS Lite USB Power Charger Cable


Jul 1, 2004
Germany , NRW
Well ...
just got my usb nds recharger and somehow i wonder why it does not work (at least it seems so)

when i put in the normal power charger i have an orange light on the DS or when i play i think it were 2 green lights ... now with that weird recharger
(which seems very stupid because it says you need to put it in while pc is shut off and so on) there is no light and nothing.

so well ... am i doing something wrong ? or is this thing just junk ?

P.S. when i try to start the DS while the power cable is plugged in it won't start ... totaly weird

just now i tried to plug in the power cable after the pc and ds were already on ... still no sign of loading but the DS became very hot ... so i unplugged it again in the fear of damaging the DS


ok read in another forum that the led that shows that its chargin definietly should turn on. So it seems the Cable is broken -.-V just send out a support ticket to dealextreme

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