Trying to update arm9loaderhax - dont see the folders in tutorial

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    Hi, so i flashed my 3ds firmware a while back, maybe back in April. But I think something's changed. Anyways, i came back to the same link to due my daughter's regular 3DS, but her fw is on 11.0.0 and it seems we need to hardmod, which I wont do, or we have to use 2 3ds to downgrade.

    Anyways, i figured i'll update the 2 3ds's i've already did, and i click on teh link below to update arm9loaderhax, which is:

    but it's referring to folders i dont see, like Luma, files9? on my 3ds card, on the root, i see 3ds, aurei, cakes.... do i need to change something before i updagte arm9loaderhax? i just want to be able to stay up to date in case. tahnks.
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    Luma is the CFW you'll be using and files9 is a folder you create to put stuff in for the guide
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    Newer versions of Decrypt9 and Hourglass9 deposit and read files in the files9 folder instead of the SD root. Luma3DS is a custom firmware, and the one Plailect personally seems to endorse. It stores stuff like configuration info and payloads in its own directory. The aurei and cakes directories are similar, and it seems you're using AuReiNAND and Cakes CFW on your current 3DS. I've never changed CFW on my 3DS before, so I'll allow someone more experienced in that area than me to direct you there.