Hacking Trucha Bug Restorer, which one?!


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Jan 29, 2008
Hi at all,
I have a HARDmod WII 4.2 updated with SAFE UPDATER by Zektor.
I think that i have to restore the TRUCHA BUG but i don't know which guide (and WADs) i have to follow.
I know that the steps are always the same, but i have doubts.

a guide says :
QUOTE said:
We need to download some files now.
* NUS (IOS > IOS 15 > v257 &WAD)
* NUS (IOS > IOS 15 > v523 &WAD)
* NUS (IOS > IOS 36 > v3351 &WAD)
The final thing to download is the System menu IOS. As we will be using 4.2, the IOS we need is IOS70.
First Uncheck 'Pack -> Wad'. The box will become gray and empty.
* NUS (IOS > IOS70 > v6687)

a second one
QUOTE said:
you need the files:
on the root of your SD Card. You can get them using NUSD.

a third
I'm using Wi-Fi here to download needed IOS. If your Wii is not connected to the Internet you'll need following WAD files in your SD root:

IOS15-64-v266.wad (for X.X)
IOS15-64-v523.wad (for 4.2)

Now, if i have an internet connetion can i use it or is it better to use the wad. files?
And also, why a guide says to use IOS37?
Which .wad i have to use?

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