Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will no longer be a Switch exclusive, headed to PC and PS4

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    Lol, the only exclusive the switch has are the first party titles
    you can pretty much get everything else on pc or what
    what's even the reason to buy a switch?
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    I'm all for making exclusives multiplatform instead, there's no reason to chain software to the hardware - it only serves console manufacturers, not gamers. With that said, Travis Strikes Again was really disappointing, so I suspect that it's being ported for financial reasons. I can't imagine it doing particularly well in terms of sales.
    If the hardware can't sell itself and has to lean on exclusive software to be desirable, it's not very good hardware. The advantage of the Switch is portability, that's the selling point.
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    I was so hyped up when this game was announced, when the Switch was revealed if I'm not mistaken? Not because I ever played any of the NMH games, only because it was a big name, and I was excited to hear it would come to the Switch. "Nintendo has no gaems" would be a thing of the past. Exclusivity would make sense if it was like the Wii games, swinging the controller around. But then it was like... a twin stick shooter?

    So disappointing, and didn't feel like a big system seller that I thought it would have been. More like a hype game while waiting for the real NMH game.

    So on many points, this going multiplat makes sense. To reach more people, and since the Switch doesn't offer anything for the game that the other consoles can't. (Not counting portability).

    Oh well! I hope the Switchless NMH fans are happy with this :)

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    To only play first party titles
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    Will the PS4 version be censored and family-friendly? :rofl2:
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    They're looking for some extra cash since the game pretty much failed on the Switch platform. Not even Nintendo's fault. Just a crap game. Nothing of value was lost.

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    Same could be said about Microsoft and Sony these days. How long til we see God of War on Epic? :rofl2:
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    Third-party exclusivity is starting to die out across all platforms, and that's not a bad thing.
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    Jan 21, 2019
    I don't mind more people being able to play good games .u.
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    I guess it makes sense. Why to have their title limited on only a console whilst you can make it cross platform, thus brooding the user base and helping with the sales.
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    I wish we could just get an HD collection for the Switch, that'd be the only time I would bother using the motion controls.