Top 5 recent indy/small dev games

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    For whatever reason I have found myself playing games made by small dev teams/companies and I should I would share them and see if I can gain some suggestions. Whether we turn this into an [essentials] topic or not remains to be seen. I am looking at indy/small dev games as opposed to free/open source ones, for that we already have a list: or two ,

    So for the list. No order intended.

    * Avencast- rise of the mage.
    A sort of action rpg meets dungeon crawl. Couple it with a decent story (stick it out past the initial school part) and you have a good game on your hands.

    *Pemumbra- 3 episodic games.
    When it comes down to it there have been very few actual horror games these last few years, most are third person shooters with a horror staple thrown in. Here physics based puzzles and hiding are the mainstay of the game.

    *Fate- Undiscovered realms
    A diablo clone but a very good one (I would rate the single player above diablo 2), it is however the first game I have played like this aside from actual roguelikes that lacks a multiplayer.

    *World of goo.
    Also available on the wii as wiiware it is a physics based puzzle game with a rather oddball sense of humour.

    *Mount and Blade
    A fun sandbox game, the original leaves a bit to be desired but mods are pretty good and improve greatly on the basic game:
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    Hey what happened to lemmings [​IMG]
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    Lemmings as made by DMA design which then became rockstar north and proceeded to make the GTA series? Also I have not seen a new game for a while, I was looking at recent games.

    This being said if anyone is after a good version the DS port is available here and features just about every level going from the first game and the expansions to it:
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    Mount & Blade is 75% or so off on Steam for this weekend only.
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    World of Goo by 2dBoy

    Soul Bubbles by the small french developer Mekensleep.
    One of the most creative games I played on the DS.

    Painkiller by polish developer People Can Fly
    I don't know if this counts since People Can Fly was bought by Epic recently. But the game is a blast! I decided to buy it after seeing Zero Punctuation's review on it and it's one of the most fun single player FPS games I played recently, has a great old school feeling to it. And it's 10 bucks on Steam! [​IMG]

    Cave Story by Pixel and now being ported to WiiWare by Nicalis
    One of the best platform games I played in my life, and I played a lot!

    The Kingdom of Loathing by Asymmetric Publications
    I don't know if this counts too since it's a browser based game.. but it is a RPG! I don't think I ever laughed so much with another game.. I wish someone could port it to consoles with a more "interactive" system [​IMG]
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    Behind you! I know you looked!
    Well, there's Zeno Clash coming up, which I've made a topic about (though no-one seems to want to read it, apparently solving people's tech problems is more interesting :S).
    Looks rather amazing I have to say.

    Night Game from the creator of Knytt Stories, Nifflas, will be coming out some time this year too.
    Not to mention Machinarium, a point-and-click from the creators of Samorost 1 & 2 (if you haven't heard of them, go play them now, they're free browser-based game).

    I can't think of any other Indie games coming up that particularly excite me off the top of my head, but I'll post again if I find/remember any.
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    2D Boy's World of Goo is the only one that comes to mind.
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    Checked out your links, going to give Fate a try [​IMG]