Hacking Thoughts on www.r4i-gold.me "r4i gold pro 2013/14"


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Jul 11, 2014
Wollongong, New South Wales
Ok so i just got "R4 Gold Pro 2013/14" from "www.r4i-gold.me"it seems like a copy of the original which i'm not sure which website is from. I just want to know what you guys think of it. It is currently working for my 3DS and of course NDSL By the way i've been in holidays in the Philippines and got it for cheap, it seems to be popular (enough) in here, as i was able to get it from a nice shopping mall. I'm curious as i have not been able to upgrade my 3DS because i'm on holidays, i'm afraid that it will no longer work once updated or other problems i'm not aware off.

I'm currently on version --> ver 9.2.0-20E (how far off am i in updates?)

I'm not sure how this all works yet but it seems "wood r4" and the people running this card seems to be posting a repackaged version of wood r4 some what regularly. Is this right? They've got it up to wood r4 1.51 it seems from here "http://www.r4i-gold.me/en/download/skin/2014/1.html" is that good?

Should i have downloaded instead.... "http://www.r4i-gold.me/en/download/skin/2013/0129/284.html" which is second on the list but says it has v1.60 wood r4.
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