The game that best uses Unreal Engine 4 Graphics?

Sonic Angel Knight

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May 27, 2016
New York
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Is been a year since I asked about the games that makes the worst use of the unreal engine, now I'm asking about the games that does it best. Games old or new, what are the ones you feel use them best. One game that I know is guilty gear Xrd, using unreal engine 3 and available for ps3/ps4/PC it is a unique looking game, mixing the 2D sprite looking visuals with 3D camera angles, is basically 3D character models that look 2D cel shade (Is my best description at the moment.) Dragonball Fighter Z which is coming soon, uses much of the same type of technique will instead using Unreal Engine 4 so is fair to expect some improvements to this style.

So share some of your opinions for games that looks great using unreal engine and how you would rate it. I don't care what type of game it is or what system is for. You can even mention one for each version of the unreal engine. As long as is confirmed to use unreal engine, that is all that matters here. Check this list. SIZE=5]CLICK HERE[/SIZE]

(Maybe next time I'll ask about unity)

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