The DS (DSi XL that is) wins over Computer

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Apr 13, 2008
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I own a PC of average capacity. It runs Civilization V for instance (I like it by the way).

I own a laptop of average capacity (it won't run Civ V though... bummer).

I own a PS3 slim (it's a year old).

Aaaaaaand I own a DSi XL (which is currently not in danger of being replaced by the 3DS).

Desktop to me = big clumsy thing with next to no portable qualtity (yes I can unplug, move, re plug in in another room all under 20 minutes if I desperately need too, but it sure ain't leaving the house).

Laptop = need a power source, which is a hassle to plug in, because you need to carry the plug ins etc of course.
Ok for a 20 minute task, but what good is a 20 minute duration eh?
And while I CAN pick it up and leave the house, it is not indestructible, requires effort to carry just so it doesn't end up broken during the process.
Not ideally really mobile.

PS3, even less mobile than the desktop really. I mean, it is attached to a 40" HD TV hehe. It is where it is, and get over it.

Meanwhile, my DSi XL can go anywhere my pocket goes. Granted, that means I need to have clothes on, but I can't walk outside naked, well not yet

I have not really played it much (no real explanation really).
I was able to buy it (yes I know kids, it sucks hearing how us old buggers can drop 200 bucks on a toy for no good reason
I could buy the 3DS for laughs if I wanted to. I just don't want one. The screens will be smaller. That kills my interest immediately.

But I have a DSi XL, and my Acekard2i and shitloads of games I have yet to play (that you kids have played to death already and moved on from long ago).

And I am getting tired I suppose of pining for a mobility solution to all my wargames, which to be honest, are failing to grab my interest.
Wargame publishers simply don't seem to give a fuck about making doable, simple enough, manageable sized, games on par with Panzer Tactics.
They always need to be fucking anal, over detailed, massive scope creations only possible with the immense computer muscle found on PCs. And based on a need for keyboards and mouse input. They seem to hate designing for simple control input like common to consoles.

I have oodles of great wargames, but they demand I sit in front of the desktop. And while I have a nice office chair (its a leather chair and quite nice and all), it's still not a lazyboy damn it.
Not only that, it is one place only. Maybe I want to walk to the library and have a nice game there for a while.
Maybe I want to walk to the park and sit there for a while and game with an order of fries for lunch.

So many great wargames on computer, but damn it, I want them on my DS.
And they refuse to listen.
Oh it is too expensive I get told a lot.
God I hate that comment. Oh you can't do it eh, Joe jerk off game maker can publish My Fucking Pony, but you and all your supposed skill as a strategy simulator can't put a toned down wargame on the same machine.
It's very annoying.

I can't have the last decade back. I can't unbuy several great wargames that I likely won't play much at all as I just don't want to be attached to my desktop that often. But I can decide to get over it maybe.

It's not like I don't find a lot of the games you guys play fun, I've just been focused on the games 'I' want to play.
I'm thinking though of maybe quitting the quest though.
Maybe it is time I just stopped being so desperately in need of portable wargames.
It doesn't look like they are ever going to make them in numbers enough to merit mention.
And I get tired of waiting on miracle devices that cost less than a new laptop.
I have something like several thousand Nintendo DS titles I can play eh.
I've stored em up on disc over the last few years.
Always thought my son would want them, but he's ok being attached to a PC all the time
(dumb WoW addicts hehe).

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