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    Feb 1, 2008
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    So I recently played a homebrew game for the iPhone called Taptap Revolution, and now I'm wondering: is there any such homebrew for the DS? For those who don't know, it's a rhythm game, think of a combination of Guitar Hero and DDR that lets you import your own songs. I've looked around but so far I've not seen a single game that can compare(I've seen some similar games, but they are very limited in capabilities), and the last thing I want to do is to go buy a money-inhaling iPhone.

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    get an iphone, hah
    I've been playing tap tap on my phone a little bit, it's amazing some of the songs people have uploaded, I listed to some pretty random music and there was like four and five versions of songs, so cool. Cannot wait for the SDK to come out for more apps, then it will really become money inhaling, lol

    this post provides no help with your issue at hand, but I agree that TTR is fun!