supercard dstwo?

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    Is that still the new hotness around? I have two clyods (one black one white) and they both seem to have died. I hadn't touched my DSL in a while (3 months-ish), and next time I turn it on, I can't get either cart to work. Retail carts still work, so I know it's my DSL. So I'm looking into a new cart. I've a friend that got a supercard dstwo a while ago, and when it was new he was happy with it--dunno about recently. It was also his first cart, so he couldn't compare. But I'm needing a new one, and wondering if tha'ts the way to go. (only dsl, don't need dsi or 3ds compatability at all).
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    sorry see below
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    Regarding its main purpose I have yet to find anything (besides dsi mode: camera specificlly) ) that won't run on it.
    I have several other cards (which sit and collect dust) as the Ds2i is always updated (almost the instant N updates thier thing....). Also considering how well it emulates GBA, NES, SNES, and the rest of the perks, I use mine daily with no trouble. IN fact I plan on buyng a few more shortly for future use and emergency... I swear BY them and swear AT the rest of them.

    I have Ds1i s which are good but slower to update firmware.. Very intuitive, highly functional (easy to add plug ins to also) and plays well with people who are fairly clumsy with thier hands ie takes a beating to a better extent than others I've tried. Here you get what you pay for, for the most part...
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    In all the time that I have owned my DSTwo, there has only been one game that it has had trouble with, that I have tried (and I try almost all mainstream games). I don't remember what it is though.
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    just like syfyTy, I also have had a few cards over the years...
    I must say that I use the DSTwo more than any of the others (although I still use my AK2i now-&-again - even though it's only a HW44 one)

    I myself, have had no [commercial] games that haven't run straight away (some homebrew - that's a different story) - although I have to be fair & say I HAVE had some trouble with it (BUT I will also say I've had trouble with nearly ALL the cards I've had)

    1) The microSD card got corrupted somehow - so bad I couldn't recover anything from it or reformat it even ..
    I doubt it was the DSTwo at fault but perhaps the Homebrew I was using at the time (it was a 'SAVBackup' program - I was trying to restore a BAK to SAV when the card went wrong)

    2) Sometimes it doesn't see the microSD card when starting - especially when I've added a new game/homebrew & just inserted the MSD
    I have to remove/insert the MSD a couple of times before the DSTwo will bootup properly
    (note: I usually remove the MSD from the DSTwo while the DSTwo is STILL inserted into the 3DS)

    3) BEFORE the latest update(s) - when pressing HOME on the 3DS the DSTwo icon 'disappeared' from the main menu.
    I had to remove/insert the DSTwo for it to show up again, SINCE the last Ninty/DSTwo firmware updates - this hasn't happened to me (Yet)

    Despite these small problems - I would usually recommend these cards in the following order
    DSTwo > Acekard 2i > Any R4 - as long as it accepts 'WOOD'

    The reason is that these are constantly supported with Game updates & firmware releases (although you only have a DSL so that part shouldn't worry you)
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    The DSTwo has pretty much the same features as the original Evo had. The iEvo DSi mode isn't that interesting anymore, since the cart isn't updated (last update was about 6 months ago) and doesn't work in DS mode on the DSi firmware 1.4.3 or the newer 3DS firmwares. Also that limits to you using the cart in DSi mode for most of the time, but game compatibility is a bit odd on times and you don't have access to WiFi. Only real big plus on it is that it can't actually be blocked in DSi mode without blocking the original game (My Cooking Coach). I'd go for the DSTwo or, if you happen to just use a flashcart for normal gaming and homebrew (ie. no need for save states, the emus (GBA/SNES, both have some compatibility problems), slow motion, etc), the AceKard 2i (AK2i). The latter being pretty well updated with AKAIO and firmware updates from the AceKard team.

    Also the cheapest option if you plan to use just the DSLs is the original R4 DS. It costs only about 3$ and with WoodR4, the compatibility is quite close to what AKAIO offers for the AK2i (or possibly even better).
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    Even for normal DS games I personally use my DSTwo over the 2i for features such as save state/load, and cheat creation/toggling in-game (as well as slow-motion, but rarely). The in-game text reader isn't the prettiest thing (it's line limit is smaller than that of gamefaqs' so those look odd) but it does count as well.