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The rudder moves when I turn the wheel
May 6, 2008
Pittsburgh, PA
United States
Figured I'd do a little blog for the heck of it.

First things first: I pre-purchased Call of Duty: Black Ops on Steam like 2 minutes ago. The game looks amazing, and I'm hoping it actually will be. Go ahead, bash Call of Duty because that's what all the cool kids do nowadays, but haters gonna hate.

Next up: Minecraft. I'm so addicted. Every since we launched TempCraft SMP, I've been playing for the majority of my day, every day (When Black Ops comes out though, I'm sure this while change). Then there's the Halloween update, which is great, but not as good as Notch was hyping it to be. He barely fixed any bugs for SMP, but he did fix redstone circuitry and the massive lag spike that occurs when you place minetracks, which is good for me. Uh...Not really much us, except come play on the server!

Lastly: Music. I find myself listening to my favorite band (The Devil Wears Prada) on shuffle everyday, without getting tired of them. I mean, I listen to other bands during the day too, but I listen to them the most, making me think I'm obsessed, which I kind of am. I listened to their 3rd studio album (With Roots Above And Branches Below) from when it came out last year, to mid-February, without getting tired of it. My friends say I'm obsessed with them too, but I'm glad their talking about obsessions with music, rather than video games. More people seem to dislike game obsessions than music obsessions...Meh.

Well, that about wraps up this blog...Discuss, comment, go crazy, etc...

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    Good night i guess
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    Or bookmark it using this
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