Hacking Question Strange battery behavior (Rebug SwitchME)


Apr 13, 2019
I did the 7 wire install following this instruction (mattytrogs, i can't link internally because i have under 5 posts. i would understand that with external links, but internally? really?)

Flashed (for SwitchME, latest)

Part 1 - DUAL-BOOT (modified UF2 bootloader)
Part 2 - Switchboot_UF2 latest (CTCAer Hekate mod)

Now my girlfriend has discovered the Switch for herself and she plays longer sessions (2-3 hours). At about 40-50 percent, the switch simply goes off, with a battery warning symbol (not with a warning like you know at 10-8 percent on OFW).
Now I assumed that the battery had been incorrectly calibrated. A battery pull confirmed this to me, because after this the battery only had 5 percent instead of 50 percent. I had the battery fully charged. I did this several times, because the switch goes off again and again, especially when I don't charge the switch. today the battery showed 60 percent, after a battery pull only 3.3 percent.
the battery life is actually okay, but i don't know why the switch just goes off. after a battery pull and a charging cycle and a direct draining everything works fine.

Any ideas how i can solve the problem permanently? the battery cfg fix (if i start the bootloader from the switchme, i.e. without sd card) doesn't work, after a reset the percentage display remains faulty. I can't use the battery gauge fix at all, it always tells me to charge the battery fully, even if it is full. The battery still seems ok from my point of view, because the battery life fits normally.

OFW 9.0.1
SX OS 2.9.2 (Emunand)
WiFi is always of
No AutoRCM
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