Steam Remote Streaming, FINALLY Here!

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by LightyKD, Jun 16, 2019.

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    Now that Steam Remote Streaming is finally here, what types of machines is everyone doing remote streaming on? Personally, Remote streaming gave new life to my "Steamtendo Switch" tablet. My SD cards work great for older 32bit games and the few modern indy games with 32bit support but the lack of 64bit OS and proper RAM amount was killing my chances of more modern gaming on this tablet. Hell, between Thanksgiving week of last year and February of this year I had to uninstall Paladins, Smite AND Warframe because all three got rid of 32bit support. Now my only limitation on this tablet is, whatever Internet connection I have. That's fine by me! If I have a shitty connection, I still have my local games on my "Steam Cards" ( ). The only gripe I have about Remote Streaming is that you have to exit Big Picture Mode and use the desktop mode to set things up. Once that's done, if you're like me, you can go back to ignoring desktop mode.
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