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  1. Enlapse

    OP Enlapse GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 21, 2014
    Good evening everybody!

    I managed to make work Haxchi and Mocha CFW after third or fourth time and I'm actually playing backups with an 8GB USB pendrive and as for now, it works perfectly. The only problem is the space, so I was wondering some questions. I've searched and I didn't get any conclusive answer (sorry guys!).

    I have read that I can use an SSD but, will the Wii U use the full speed of the SSD? Seeing that I need a Y cable for external drives because the Wii U doesn't have enough power for an HDD, I don't really think so. Would it be better to get an SHDD? (mostly for the price if it wouldn't use the SSD full speed) or an HDD? And if the best option is an HDD, what is the most compatible HDD for the Wii U? Or at least, what's your preference? I'm looking for a SSD (if it's a good option of about 120GB - they're freaking expensive!) or an SHDD of 500GB or a HDD of 500GB or 1TB, but it doesn't necessary need those specs as long as it's fully compatible and it's not very expensive.

    In my opinion, the best option'd be buy a 1TB HDD because I won't probably need anything more powerfull, but I want to know your opinions and tips for anything I should know or consider!

    Thank you very much!
  2. Ryccardo

    Ryccardo watching Thames TV from London

    Feb 13, 2015
    The 2 facts are not related, but pretty much any SSD (most actually use SATA 3 = 6 gigabit/s) will saturate USB2 (480 megabit/s, minus overhead and cpu load)
    Not worth it on the basis of speed, but you decide if power efficiency + no wear by repeated start/stop (rebooting, spotpass in standby) + shock resistance are worth it

    If you have to buy something instead of using what you have, go for:
    - USB2 (USB3 is backwards compatible on paper, in practice it's hit and miss with some drives)
    - Disk without aggressive auto-standby (avoid wd green, etc)
    - External transformer or Y-cable out of the box

    I personally use an Atlantis sata2-usb2 adapter (18 € in 2014) and an Hitachi 250GB disk (30 € used a couple of months ago)
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