Some question about replacing my lite screen

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    Apr 20, 2007
    Hi I did a post a while ago about my ds lite upper screen not working probably & came to the conclusion that it needs replacing. After failing to find someone to replace it I decided to the job myself so need someone to answer a few questions I got.

    1.Can I replace the screen without the speakers ? and if I can will it affect my ds (other than having no sound of course)?

    2.Any easier way to install the speaker other than soldering?

    3.What tools will I need for soldering the speaker?I already got a 40W soldering iron & 1.5mm wire. Are they good enough or I need a weaker iron/smaller wire?

    4.If soldering is the only way to go can I have a good guide for the process?I know how to open/close a ds so even if only for the soldering part it will be enough.

    Now I did several soldering jobs before but all were dealing with bigger points unlike with the ds so I am not very confident with my skills but I guess if I got the right tools & with some patience I might be able to do it if I have to.