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    Jun 9, 2008
    Hi All,

    Just putting this out there as I did a search and no results has come up.

    I can confirm that 4 Player support is working for SNES injects, here is the run down.

    You need the official eShop version of Natsume Championship Wrestling as the base rom. Originally this game supports the SNES Multitap, and according to Nintendo, this game states 1 to 4 players, so I was interested to see how it all works. So I downloaded a copy and dumped it for testing.

    Here is some info for you SNES injector enthusiast:

    Natsume Championship Wrestling rom size is 16Mb (2mb), you can only inject roms that are smaller than this.

    Only requirement is, the GamePad will need to be set to Player 4, then for Players 1, 2 and 3, I have tested the following controller combos and they work:
    (To get to the controller menu, tap the screen or the ZR button to get into the in game menu, and tap on the top right of the screen with the 4 squares, once here P3 and P4 is no longer greyed out!)

    WiiU Pro Controller
    Wii Remote + Wii Classic Controller
    Wii Remote + Wii Classic Controller Pro
    Wii Remote + SNES Classic Mini Controller
    Wii Remote + NES Classic Mini Controller (works but your limited to 2 buttons)

    I have tested with Super Bomberman series and 4 Player is working, again, I'm not sure what the inject compatibility is like with this base rom, as I also tried NBA JAM and it boot to black screen :(
    I did try Secret of Mana, game boots fine but it's been a while so I don't know when in the game you get the two extra players to control, but I'm confident it will work.

    Not sure how many of you will use this feature but its here and it works :) Do a google search as to what SNES games supports the Multitap and try, just make sure the rom size your injecting doesn't exceed the base rom and you should be good to go.


    If this info has already been shared or acknowledged, my apologies.
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