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Discussion in 'PS3 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by fancysky016, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. fancysky016

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    May 28, 2010
    United States
    just happened to see some sites selling a PS3 hard drive full of PS3 games. dude, 1.5TB, 128 games included...

    there are might some games you want for sure.

    link here

    game list:

    001-Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Fusion 7.02GB
    002-(ACT)Avatar 3.67GB
    003-(ACT)Batman Arkham Asylum 6.52GB
    004-(ACT)Transformers War for Cybertron 8.01GB
    005-Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands 5.13GB
    006-X-Men Origins Wolverine 6.72GB
    007-Half-Life 2 The Orange Box 17.24GB
    008-Heavy Rain 18.64GB
    009-(ACT)Tomb raider underworld 6.15GB
    010-(ACT)Mafia 2 8.47GB
    011-(ACT)Dead Rising 2 6.06GB
    012-Winning Eleven 2010\ 7.54GB
    013-(ACT)Spider-Man?Shattered Dimensions 12.84GB
    014-(FTG)BlazBlue Calamity Trigger 4.37GB
    016-(FTG)KOF12 0.86GB
    017-(RAC)Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 2.97GB
    018-(RAC)Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli 1.76GB
    019-(RAC)Need For Speed Undercover 5.43GB
    020-(RPG)GODWAR1+2 11.71GB
    021-(RPG)Dante's Inferno PAL 5.9GB
    022-Super Dimensional Game Neptune 3.99GB
    023-(RPG)GODWAR3 35.32GB
    024-Infamous 7.29GB
    025-Assassins.Creed.2 6.99GB
    026-(RPG)ff13 33.56GB
    027-(SPG) NBA LIVE 10 6.6GB
    028-Soul Calibur 4 19.37GB
    029-Resistance Fall of Man 0.01GB
    030-Resistance 2 22.51GB
    031-Damnation 6.12GB
    032-Toro to Morimori 1.34GB
    033-(SPG)2010 PES2010 6.48GB
    034-(SPG)NBA 2K10 12.46GB
    035-Iron Man 2 7.63GB
    036-Gundam Musou 4.49GB
    037-(SPG)NHL 11 7.07GB
    038-(SPG)Virtua Tennis 3 4.37GB
    039-Monster Madness US 3.59GB
    040-Devil May Cry 4 8.09GB
    041-Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots 29.99GB
    042-Darksiders Wrath of War 5.36GB
    043-Dark Void 5.1GB
    044-Saints Row 2 USA 18.26GB
    045-Aquanaut's Holiday 0GB
    046-Red Dead Redemption 30.49GB
    047-TEARS TO TIARA 18.79GB
    048-(SPG)Everyone's Golf 5 5.91GB
    049-(SPG)???? 2010 4.06GB
    050-(STG)Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days 8.66GB
    051-Mobile Suit Gundam Target In Sight 4.47GB
    052-(STG)Call of Duty 6 Mordern Warfare 2 7.69GB
    053-Silent Hill 2.92GB
    054(STG)ACE 19.31GB
    055-(STG)Clancy's HAWX 2 4.37GB
    056-Virtua Fighter 5 4.12GB
    057-Alpha Protocol 5.77GB
    058-Darksiders 6.57GB
    059-White Knight Chronicles 2 9.38GB
    060-Transformers 2 8.18GB
    061- NBA 2K9 0GB
    062-Demon’s Souls 8.88GB
    063-Start the party 0GB
    064-Skate 3 5.26GB
    065-NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Storm 8.25GB
    066-TargetInsight 4.47GB
    067-FIFA_2010 World Cup South Africar 7.54GB
    068-Midnight Club Los Angeles 0GB
    069-Prototype 12.35GB
    070-The Sabotuer US 6.28GB
    071-Katamaridamacy tribute 4.51GB
    072-Dragon Age:Origins 4.84GB
    073-Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland 2.62GB
    074-(StormMoto) 13.21GB
    075-Disgaea 3 2.16GB
    076-Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 24.82GB
    077-nier gestalt 6.04GB
    078-singularlty 6.32GB
    079-Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty 4.96GB
    080-Ninja2 4.06GB
    081-??4 29.86GB
    082-?? ???? \dynasty worriers Multi Raid 7.81GB
    083-Uncharted Drake's Fortune 21.6GB
    084-????? club\ 5.67GB
    085-Bionic Commando 7.29GB
    086-BIOSHOCK2 9.58GB
    088-Supper Street Fighter 0GB
    089-lost planet2 11.04GB
    090-FolksSoul 56.79GB
    091-DEAD SPACE 10.07GB
    092-HeavanSword 2.41GB
    093-TOUWENZID 6.2GB
    094-GTA?Episodes from Liberty City 7.63GB
    095-????????2\ 10.56GB
    096-WET 5.63GB
    097- Fallout 3 0GB
    098-RIDGE RACER 2.77GB
    099-GT5prologue 7.52GB
    100-Haze 3.73GB
    101-Untold Legends Dark Kingdom 8.56GB
    102-ZMusou Orochi Z 7.9GB
    103-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent 6.34GB
    104-Atelier Rorona 2.62GB
    105-Little Big Planet 8.6GB
    106-Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes 8.11GB
    107-Unreal Tournament 3 4.55GB
    108-[Buzz_Quiz_World] 5.5GB
    109-dynasty worriers 19.92GB
    110-Aliens.Vs.Predator\ 6.57GB
    111-BAYONETTA 11.44GB
    112-Enslaved: Odyssey to the West 0GB
    113-Genji Days of the Blade\ 12.5GB
    114-Valkyria_Chronicles_USA 14.82GB
    115-Battlefield Bad Company 2 57.88GB
    116-Army of Two 9.44GB
    117-Army of Two The 40th Day 4.83GB
    118-BASARA3 Sengoku Basara 3 12.07GB
    119-(ACT)No More Heroes Paradise.JP 6.68GB
    120-Medal of Honor: Airborne 0GB
    121-Warhawk 2.36GB
    122-FIFA 11 0GB
    123-JustCause2 6.6GB
    124-Armored Core For Answer 14.59GB
    125-NBA 2K11 0GB
    126-PS Move Sports Champions 12.23GB
    127-PES 2011 0GB
    128-Castlevania?Lords of Shadow 0GB
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    Feb 4, 2010
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    You can't jailbreak it with just that harddrive.
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