Should I upgrade from my O3DS to a N3DS?

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    I have a A9LH EUR O3DS and it works perfectly fine. However it is old, slow and tiny compared to a N3DS XL. Now I wonder, if I should upgrade to a N3DS XL.

    Would be nice, if people who have upgraded from a O3DS to a N3DS tell me, why they have, and if they would recommend that step. Especially now, nearing the end of the 3DS lifespan.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Nov 21, 2015
    I'm interested in this aswell :) *Watches Thread*
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  3. Autz

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    Feb 18, 2016
    IMO, it depends if the NX wipes the floor with the 3DS. If that's the case, then don't buy it since you literally said it: 3DS life-span is at end, even the N3DS.

    But if you feel that you totally need it, then buy it. I will wait until NX is revealed, i mean, is just 1-year wait. I have an O3DS same as you.
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    Really, it depends on the games you want to play. Wanna play the new pokemon game? Big smash bros. fan? that sort of thing? definitely go for the New XL.

    Just going to keep playing the games you've got? Not really interested in a bit smoother frame-rate on smash or those new3ds only games? A few seconds faster loading times? Just keep an eye out for a used one.

    I love my new3dsxl, but I like the 3d eye tracking and the smoother framerate =]
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  5. TechyTurtle

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    mainly new 3ds has better emulation if you use emulators and lets you use the l2 clock feature in luma. don't expect the new 3ds to have a lot of exclusives but if you do get it play binding of issac. personally I likeboth old and new (since I own both) but I would only recommend you getting it if you want better performance. Also buy a new 3ds may require a hardmod because most are on 11.0 and I was lucky to get mine on 10.7
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    wait for the nx reveal i guess. if it will ever happen that is....
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  7. astrangeone

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    I own both. (Actually, 3 N3DSes and two O3DSes and a 2DS at the moment.) I sell them locally. People have been purchasing new 3DSes like crazy - just got a hit on my seller's account for my Galaxy New 3DS XL. It seems like older gamers are upgrading to the new 3DS XL. Mostly my customers are "Nintendo" fan boys and they are older men - which means the bigger XL works better in their hands.

    For me, personally? I mostly use my n3DS for Binding of Isaac and a lot of SNES VC injects. I have a copy of TMNT 4, Earthbound, and other games on my 3DS. But I've also been playing a lot of Severed and Yokai Watch 2. The smaller form factor means that I can actually bring my 3DS around on car trips and play my games without worrying about battery life.

    I anticipate I'd be selling a few units at the end of the month, as Pokemon Sun/Moon releases.

    Edit: I usually don't buy video game hardware new. I bought both of my personal 3DSes used and in good condition. I anticipate I'd be doing the same with the NX.
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  8. swabbo

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    I have had an O3DS XL for a few years, recently got a 2nd hand N3DS XL and it's not really that much different, feels a lot nicer to hold as the finish is glossy, the nub is weird, but I got lucky and ended up with a dual IPS screen one ;)

    I basically use my new one and let my brother play on my old one :)
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    Feb 18, 2016
    It should, but not on this year that's it.
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    The n3DS is worth it! The extra streaming hardware, the OTP thing and the extra clock cycles are amazing! Get Xenoblade Chronicles 3D with it!
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