Shopping for 3DSXL accessories!

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    I wasn't going to buy a 3DSXL until they made a limited edition color/bundle that I wanted. And While the Animal Crossing one looks neat, it doesn't come out until AFTER Ive already left for vacation. So I've given up and gone and bought a red one and transferred all my stuff onto it. And Fire Emblem. That should entertain me for a couple of long flights.

    Soo anywhoo... I'll be in Japan near the beginning of June. Anyone have any good recommendations for shops for accessories? Are the circle pad pro xl hyper fighting editions sold in retail shops? Does anyone make a gadget I can plug import games into that spoofs region codes? Laser-beam attachment?

    My mind. it Enquirers about such things.
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    Examples of the accessories you can get.

    circle pad:
    LL charger stand:
    Custom shells and cases found in japan.
    Custom styli, etc.

    I heard there were custom modded versions of the circle pad that you can buy, but I don't know where to begin to point you in that direction if you were interested.
    As to if you can just buy them in the shop. I would assume you could for alot of what is available.

    If you don't mind voiding the warranty, you might want to look into Katsukity's 3DS capturecard mod.
    If you want to look into this, you should email him to see how long it would take to get it done when your there in Japan.


    There aren't that many accessories of value for the 3DS LL/XL that you can find.


    Region Lock is controlled and enforced by the 3DS firmware. There isn't any current hardware, addon, or mod that will give you region free.

    If I remember correctly, I do recall seeing some Japanese 3DS games listed as region free. I don't if it is worth the effort for you to go out of your way to sit there and spend 30-50 bucks on a game that might not even work on the US 3DS.