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Feb 5, 2010
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So I've decided to try a soldering project (it'll be my first). I have one of the wireless sensor bars that can be extended to a wide range. I've always liked it, but I've disliked only two things about it. 1) How quickly it eats at batteries. 2) The one/two hour timer. I had a thought on soldering a sensor bar extension cable into the battery points which (in theory) would take care of issue 1. Issue 2 I can still live with if need be, but would love to know how to bypass that. So my main questions are this:

What wires inside the sensor bar cable are which? (Power and ground.)
Would I be able to solder the wires to the battery wires on the reverse (beige) side of the board, or do I HAVE to do it on the green side. (This is because the board inside the wireless bar is beige side up, and turning it over would be difficult due to the construction of the bar.)
The power and ground wires for the battery setup are on opposite sides of the board, so what would be a good way to cover that distance without causing any issues? (Extra wire or something?)
How, if possible, would I disable to timer on the bar without disabling anything else?

I can provide pictures later if needed. (Its my daughter's first birthday, so I'm a bit busy today. The only reason I can post this now is because she's napping. Lol.)

Being my first project, I'm not expecting perfect results. If I ruin the wireless bar its no biggie, because I haven't used it in months. I'm also thinking of attempting the GCN -> GBMicro cable from CheapAssGamer. Both that and this idea seem relatively easy to do. I'm just gathering info before I start anything.

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