Hacking Safest way to update from old firmware?


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Jul 6, 2009
Ive gotten a bit confused with my Wii over the recent half year, i bought a wiikey 2 one preinstalled but im still at 3.4e firmware for the Wii and 1.2 for the wiikey firmware. Im only looking to update it hardmod way unless theres too much hassle by doing that nowadays. from what ive been reading apparently youre losing the ability to use games out of your Wii region with the newer firmwares, which means that for example House of the Dead 2 & 3 Returnns which apparently only was released in the US wont work on my PAL wii.

Can anyone recommend which would be the safest way for me to update my wii as i seem to get the update via disc screen alot in newer games, and when i use wiibrickblocker on them i just get a black screen. Should i opt for updating my Wiikey to 1.3 instead before the wii´s firmware or the other way around? when i read some comments about that some players lost their dual layer disc availability by updating to 1.3 i got really confused. It seems like i will get in some trouble no matter which solution i choose.

Ive also looked into which games have older updates but there doesnt seem to be a clarifying page for that either, only that Wii sports apparently has 4.2 which kills the out of region ability. ive never been online with my wii btw
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