Safe to Update with Mario Land3D before Acekard2i?

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    Jul 6, 2009
    Hi i just got a 3DS yesterday and Mario Land 3D with it, but when i enter the game it wants to do a system update. Im wondering if there is any huge risk in doing this as i have to wait till monday(tomorrow) before i can order a Acekard2i so i will most likely get it first by the end of next week. I would like to play Mario Land 3D though to evaluate if i should even keep the 3DS though before i order that Card just for extra opinion

    i went to system settings and i think my current firmware on the vanilla 3ds is :

    Ver. 2.1.0-4E

    btw the place im buying the Acekard2i from is saying that the Acekard is supported from the latest update December 2011 which is 3.0

    I remember buying my CFW for PSP slim 5.0 M33-3 from this site aswell and i remember he recommended that in general it was always best to keep having the system on lowest firmware as possible
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    Aug 27, 2011
    You might as well wait for your acekard unless you are 100% sure the acekard has been updated. (btw it shouldn't even work with 2.1 unless its been updated
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    Jun 17, 2012
  4. ChaosHydrA

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    Jul 6, 2009
    alright thanks for the lp guys ive gotten the card now with a 8gb microSDHC and a tutorial to set up the acekard, but none of the online tutorials and the one on paper i have mention if i should "format the SDHC Card" do i need to format it before putting it in the Acekard and which file format does it have to be ?
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    It should come pre-formatted, otherwise FAT32 works (and it's one of the only options in most cases). It's recommended you use the Panasonic SD formatter anyways for better performance.