Rumored Resident Evil DDD For 3ds.

Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by chavosaur, May 14, 2012.

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    So me being the browser I am, I stumbled across some info that maybe not everyone had heard, and decided to share some info.
    First of all, watch this video to hear a little about it.
    So Im pretty excited to already see another RE game coming with as big a success as revalations was. Not to mention the storyline it follows, given that it apparently will take place in between RE games 5&6, also following the events of the cgi movies (which may even be included on the cartridge, for extra RE loveless!)
    What are y'alls thoughts about this?
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  2. Critica1

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    I mistaked the title for Resident Evil: Dream Drop Distance xD
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  3. Hadrian

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    This was posted in USN a while ago.

    I'm not interested in watching tiny 3D versions of below average films and I'm not interested in what is bound to be a mini RE title slapped on top just to make it seem more "worthwhile" especially when I can easily see that that game will probably be half assed like a lot of Capcom's own mobile phone titles.

    They'll probably charge full price for this crap too. I really wish Capcom would quit with the whoring of RE now.