Roy's Smash U Mod Pack

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    Hey all,

    Thought I'd upload the mod pack I've put together and been using, for your use.

    • 189 costumes, with most of the cast getting at least 1, all as additional slots
    • 500 new songs for My Music, essentially doubling the number of tracks in-game, all as additional tracks
    • Some new victory tunes
    • A few custom nameplates
    • The Great Gonzales on Boxing Ring

    (Or anticipated questions)
    • What region is this on? Is it wi-fi safe?
    This is for the U.S. region, I don't believe it works on anything else. You can run it via the usual kernal + SDCafiine (if you don't know what that is, look it up). Most of the mods are wi-fi safe, but I'm not sure about the model swaps (Isabelle and Doc Louis). I'd be careful with them.​
    • Why didn't you include *insert mod here*?
    I made this for me, so more than likely it is due to personal bias. Many costumes also didn't include any kind of portrait, which limited my options. There were a few mods I wanted to include but had issues, as well. In particular, Kirby, Pac-Man, R.O.B., and Yoshi have difficulty with costumes in additional slots (thus why they are the only characters without at least 1 costume). I'm not a fan of stage and css mods at the moment, and announcer mods are a pain to deal with.​
    • There's an issue with some portraits!
    This is a known issue. Everyone has a character selection portrait, though some have to use the default for victory screen, in-game, or stock icons. And a few of the selection portraits have slight issues.​
    • Some mods duplicate if both players use the same character!
    A known issue. It happens with sounds for some reason, and a few costumes that don't have a proper texture ID (?) (sorry, Clonezard vs regular Charizard won't work).​
    • The Koopaling alts have the wrong crowd chant and results announcer!
    Another known issue. If someone would like to tell me how to fix that, it would be appreciated.​
    • I liked the Master Core themes! Where did they go?
    Oh, um... yeah. I removed those from Final Destination to make more room, as there is a limit of 20 songs per stage or it won't save properly. Sorry. Princess Kenny is worth it, I assure you.​
    • Will you list the contents and give credit to the original creators?
    There's too many to list. Just know that I didn't make anything in this pack, I simply put it together. You can find the original skin creators on, and all of the music was obtained from​
    • Will you be updating this?
    At some point, yes. I feel that this is at a stable point that other people can make use of it for now, though. I'll still be updating it on my side for my use if any cool costumes come out or I get inspired to add some more songs, and can update the upload if I make enough modifications.

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    The model swaps should be wifi-safe because it's only on your side. Nobody else can see it.
  3. GOT4N

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    Sep 13, 2009
    Wished there would be european pack but it'd never be possible to get a working pack :x
  4. RoyMaster4

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    Dec 13, 2008
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    I'd think that, but I'm not sure if that also affects the hitboxes. I've heard both ways, so I'm just mentioning it to be safe.