Rock Band hitting Canada on Dec. 20th!

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    Nov 18, 2006
    According to Joystiq (, Rock Band will finally hit Canadian stores on Dec. 20th. But from the sounds of it you have better of preordered the game because it will definetely be in short supply!

    "Gosh, this Rock Band release has been a bit dramatic, eh? We hope this is the end to Canada's Rock Band tribulations, as Joystiq has been informed by a Harmonix representative that December 20th is the final Rock Band release date for Canada. This applies to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions; we are currently awaiting confirmation on whether the PS2 version shares the same date.

    The announcement should hopefully lay to rest those rumors which pushed Rock Band's Canadian release into January. For Canadians near the border it's probably still a good idea to just take that recently empowered currency and purchase the package in the US. We reckon Dec. 20th is cutting it awfully close to the big day, especially if purchasing by mail."

    I hope everyone else is excited as I am! [​IMG]

    - Fitzy

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    I hope that means they will finally get a good dump of the drums. I haven't been able to use the US version that was bundled with the US torrent.
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    My birthday! [​IMG]